Hosted Exchange.  Keep your email in the CLOUD! 

We can provide your organization with secure industry-standard Exchange-based email service without the need for any server hardware at your location.  Full access to email via the Outlook client or web–based access plus complete integration with your smartphone devices is available all on a monthly basis. Access your email from just about anywhere!

Spam Filtering   

Over 80% of mail can be time-wasting, potentially dangerous SPAM.  Let us filter your incoming email and remove Spam, Viruses, and unsafe attachments before ever reaching your network.  This is the best way to decrease the possibility of receiving an email virus.  It is also a great way to get rid of all of those annoying junk email messages.  Our Spam Filtering solutions scan both incoming and outgoing mail and combined with our Smart Hosting feature will keep you from being blacklisted and your email flowing.

Managed Backup Services  

If you are looking for a secure and reliable way to back up your data and have it stored off-site then we have the perfect solution for you.  With ECS' managed backup services we have a flexible, high performance, reliable, and secure way to backup your company data within the United States that complies with HIPAA, ITAR, and most other standards.  This backup method is completely hands off and requires no user intervention to run. From individual PC’s to entire PC networks and servers, we can safeguard your important information.

Remote Management and Maintenance  

To help keep your systems up and running and avoid surprises, Executive Computer Systems remote monitoring services can be tailored to meet your specific needs.  Our real-time proactive monitoring can keep an eye on all components in the network, including servers, PC’s,  printers, routers and firewalls.  As your support provider, ECS will know your systems are in need of attention before you even get to the office.

Managed Network Security  

As part of a comprehensive network security service, we will provide you with a firewall that is appropriate for your organization, managing your Internet footprint, locking down access from the Internet, and making changes whenever you see fit.  If, for example, you would like Remote Access to your Business Desktop from home, or from anywhere for that matter, we can set it up securely.  On a per-location basis, we can manage the Internet security for your entire network so if you have a central office with satellite offices.With this service we manage the security footprint of each Microsoft device on your network.  We provide you with Anti-Virus/Anti-Spam software for each machine, lock down the client firewall on each device, and assure that your PCs and Servers are as well protected as possible.

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