"Executive Computer Systems is a class act.  They are on time, efficient, and effective.  I would highly recommend them to any business."

Tracey Gomes-Johnson, MBA, MSM - Practice Administrator  |  OBGYN Services, P.C.

We can support your medical practice whether it’s one computer at a single location or hundreds of computers spread across dozens of locations.  As a systems integrator, with years of experience supporting medical clients, ECS knows that keeping patients moving through the office is vital to your successful practice. 

We can support your practice management system, electronic medical records (EMR/EHR) system and we can support the diagnostic equipment that pertains to your individual specialty, working with equipment vendors to successfully integrate high-tech equipment into your network and keep it up and running.  Above and beyond your specialized medical equipment, we also support your other business systems like printers, scanners, card readers, credit card swipes, accounting systems, and more.

Being a HIPAA-covered entity brings additional requirements – We can assist your group with managing information security by maintaining strong digital security standards to protect your e-PHI, whether you keep your data onsite or you are using a cloud provider. By proactively monitoring Security Controls we can provide you the information you need to successfully complete your HIPAA Security Risk Analysis Audit.  ECS has the experience to help you ensure that your digital information is processed, accessed, transmitted, stored and backed up in a controlled and documented manner.

We successfully help many medical offices maximize their productivity and efficiency by keeping all the parts working together…

  • Practice management systems,
  • EMR,EHR – whether existing or new
  • Billing/Accounting systems,
  • Compliance for HIPAA
  • Remote Access
  • Multi-location connectivity
  • Experts in medical technologies

Let us fix what ails you… We invite you to get in touch with us so that we can discuss your special needs and opportunities.  Call us at 860-666-1951,  Or… send us an email at info@exec-computer.com (or from the online form on the Contact Us page.)