Executive Computer Systems—or, as we’re also known on the web, HelpMyTechnology.com—has been providing outstanding professional computer and networking services for more than 20 years. That’s why you might need us now to help you navigate through the often complicated roadmap of computer management. It can be quite a puzzling map at times—but we know our stuff.

Executive Computer Systems is located in the Spectrum Office and Technology Park in Newington, CT

Who is Executive Computer Systems?
We’re a team of technology experts who have been assisting clients since 1987 with a vast array of computer-based services including installation, network configuration, security enhancements, personal training, and troubleshooting and repair. On the web we’re known as HelpMyTechnology.com. Either way, we’re the ones to turn to for all your computer service needs.

From the Novell Age to the Virtual Age
In the 1980s we were one of the first system integrators in Connecticut to offer Novell networking, and have since grown into one of New England’s most dependable and in-demand computer support firms. Our expertise embraces all current networking technologies from Microsoft to Virtual/Cloud technologies and many in between.

We take the time to understand each and every problem, challenge or need presented to us, and then make sure to give each client the personalized service they’re entitled to. That’s always made sense to us. To our clients, too.

What’s the Bottom Line?
We keep your business running smoothly by making sure all your computer technology and networking runs the way it was intended. We make every effort to fit into most budgets, and we’re dedicated to prompt response and resolution. Call us to find out more.

We install and support custom solutions from single computers to multiple server networks. We are skilled in wireless technologies, remote access, email, onsite and offsite data backup, and computer security. We work closely with technology partners such as Microsoft, VMWare, Citrix, Cisco, Sonicwall, HP and Compaq to provide the best solutions for all your computer needs.